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Alternatives and comparisons

There are many tools to improve the development experience with notebooks. databooks also takes inspiration from other existing packages.


nb-clean provides a CLI tool to clear notebook metadata from Jupyter notebooks.

Differences: nb-clean does not offer a way to resolve conflicts.


nbdime stands for "notebook diff and merge". It offers a way to compare and display the differences in the terminal. It offers a way to gracefully merge notebooks.

Differences: nb-dime does not offer a way to remove metadata. databooks also fixes git merge conflicts instead of offering a way to do git merges ("ask for forgiveness not permission").


nbdev offers a way to use notebooks to develop python packages, converting notebooks to python scripts and documentation. Also offers installation of pre-commit hooks to remove notebook metadata and a way to resolve git conflicts.

Differences: nbdev is closer to an opinionated template for developing packages with notebooks. databooks is a configurable CLI tool for metadata removal and conflict resolution.